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For a variety of real-life reasons, I won't be updating this for the immediate future. It isn't dead (at least not yet) but it may be heading that way.


nWOD House Rules: Melee Combat

This is the melee expansion of the nWODcombat hack that I put up a few months ago. The intent is to make combat a little more mechanically engaging, and less like two combatants rolling all out attacks every round. It's still in beta testing, so feedback or thoughts are very welcome.

The goals of the change are twofold:
1) Characters have realistic options other than just going full-tilt and hoping they kill the other guy first. A defensive character can likely avoid taking hits for at least a couple of rounds. At the same time, an unarmored character, especially a mook, can often be dropped in a single good hit. This makes things like surprise and tactical movement more effective.

2) A character's equipment choice affects their fighting style. Weapons like axes are great for dishing out lots of damage, but less effective for playing defense. Pole-arms are good all-round killing tools, but can't be paired with a shield, which leaves the character vulnerable to projectile weapons. Knives are concealable and still pretty useful in a grapple, etc.

Details and a stats handout below the cut: